Let’s Get Hotter

Let’s Get Hotter

You’d think with Spring looming,  people would look for places to cool down like the pool or air-conditioned mall; instead, there’s a growing trend of people looking for places to get hotter. Heated yoga is a definite trend, and there’s one studio that’s especially heating-up: Corepower Yoga (CPY).

CPY started as a little studio in Denver, Co. but with visionary owner and CEO Trevor Tice, it quickly began expansion, currently owning over 70 studios nationwide.

If you haven’t yet visited this amazing and personable yoga hub, there’s surely one not too far from you. With locations in LA, OC, and SD, take your pick or visit them all, their membership has no boundaries and can even be used anywhere in the country.

CPY offers a Free Week of Unlimited Yoga to new students, and they’ll even let you borrow a mat and a towel on your first visit.  After, they offer mat rentals for $2, and towel rentals for $1, but also have a large retail section where you’ll find Lululemon clothing, Manduka Yoga Mats, and other great brands to accessorize and get equipped.

They have a variety of classes including non-heated beginner and their very popular advanced heated options, including their signature Yoga Sculpt — a challenging workout that combines an intense Yoga-flow sequence with handheld weights — perfect to get summer ready starting now!

So what’s in a name? It is their “core” “power” philosophy that sets them apart. In most classes there is a core-focus section where special attention is given to ab-enhancing exercises, to strengthen, shape, and heat the body. It’s precisely this aspect that keeps people coming back for more…results.

Corepower Yoga has bridged the ancient practice of Yoga with the demands of the modern person who not only wants the mental relief Yoga offers, but they want to simultaneous get a great workout.


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