Three Steps To A Successful Memorial Day

Three Steps To A Successful Memorial Day

With thousands of people out-of-state for the holiday weekend, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the peacefulness of staying local, Here are three absolute musts to make your Memorial Day truly memorable.

Step one: Go outside. Don’t just stay home with a beer in your hand; although that does sound relaxing. It’s a must to take advantage of your day off. Go for a walk around your neighborhood, this might give you an opportunity to meet new friends. Take a hike. Its a great workout and it allows you to get in touch with nature.  Rent a bike. If you’re lucky enough to live next to the beach, ride along the coast for a little window-shopping.

Step two: Grill something. Many of us don’t own an outdoor grill, if that’s you, get a stovetop grill at any local superstore and take your first grilling challenge today. If you’re lucky enough to own an outdoor one, fire up the grill and cook something different than you normally would. Try grilling pineapples or peaches for example: cut them into rounds, sprinkle a little agave syrup or honey, cinnamon, and a squirt of lemon juice on both sides, and cook them for about five minutes on each side. Enjoy these next to a pulled-pork sandwich for a sweet and memorable meal.

Step three: Say thanks. Memorial Day is after all a day to remember those soldiers who gave their lives so we could enjoy BBQ’s with friends, and walks on sunny days in the freedom and peacefulness of this country. So, after all the eating and outdoor fun, take a moment to reach out to someone you know who might have lost a loved one at war. Send them a loving text, give them a quick call, or even write on their Facebook Timeline to acknowledge their loss. Not only will it bring a smile to their face and make this holiday memorable for them, it will bring depth to the holiday break and make it a truly memorable weekend.


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