LivingFit Nation is devoted to heal our Nation and help our businesses reopen. That is why we are now offering COVID-19 Testing. We believe that in order to keep our workers safe, we need to know if they are infected and can infect others.

To help ensure safety and accurate testing, we have partnered with local labs to offer onsite employee COVID-19 Testing and Temperature Testing. Please help us to SLOW the spread of COVID-19 and to reopen our wonderful Nation.

IgG/IgM Antibody Test

IgG and IgM Antibody test can identify people who were infected and have recovered. A simple blood draw will be collected and then sent to a lab for testing.


If infected with COVID-19, the virus is detectable in the upper and lower respiratory specimens. A nasal swab is used to collect the presence of viral genetic material. The swab is then inserted into a container and sent to a lab for testing. 

Temperature Checks

Using non touch infrared forehead thermometers, we will conduct temperature checks with safety protocols in place. This can be done daily or weekly.



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Are the COVID-19 tests covered by my insurance?

YES, all tests are covered by insurance.

Do I need a physician's order?

Yes, you do need a physician to request the test. That is why we partnered with one of the top labs that has a telehealth component attached. Employees can use the telehealth platform to see one of their physicians.

Is the Telehealth covered by insurance?

Yes, the Telehealth service is covered by insurance, regardless of plan type. This service is covered under the CARES Act.

What if I do not have insurance?

Uninsured employees will only pay $150 for COVID-19 testing and $45 for Telehealth appointment.

When will employees receive results?

The results will be delivered back to the physician electronically within 48 hours.

Is it safe to test?

YES, we help setup a safe and secure location for your testing. We provide trash cans and bring them with us to dispose. We also offer an online scheduler to help with crowd control.

Can family members get tested?

YES, ALL family members are welcome to test.

Where can we hold testing?

This will depend on the number of employees and room size. Once you complete the testing request form, we can help find the best location on your testing day. Testing can do done inside or outside.

Don't wait! Request your testing now.