Additional Services

Massage at Work

Help eliminate stress in your work environment, increase productivity, and become a hero to your employees by implementing chair massage into your company. We bring certified massage therapists to your office for chair or table massages. 10-15 min of this amazing service can:

• Reduce Healthcare Costs
• Improve Morale
• Decrease Turnover
• Improve Posture
• Reduce Tension Headaches
• Increased Blood Circulation
• Lower Blood Pressure
• Strengthened Immune System
• Reduce Neck and Back Pain
• Relieve or Prevent Carpal Tunnel


Are you tired of the carnival style company picnics that are the norm? Are you really satisfied with all the fried foods that make you feel sick before you start the potato sack race? Are you ready for a change? If so, we are the solution for you! FitNics by LivingFit Nation is the NEW and EXCITING way to have a company picnic. We offer fun and entertaining activities with healthier food options, which will give your employees energy to participate in all the games instead of feeling tired and bloated.

All Fitnics are custom to your needs. We offer:

•Kids Entertainment
•Team Building
•Healthy Food Catering
•Healthy Snacks
•Healthy Beverages
•Fun Themes

Wellness Talks

Our Wellness Talks offer professionals who inspire healthy living through a motivational discussion. You choose the time and length. We can set up single topics or multiple topics. All Wellness Talks must be submitted 60 days prior to the date. Food is not provided, however we can coordinate a healthy lunch for your discussion.


• Movement for Life
• Diet Fads
• Understanding Supplements
• Food Prep for Healthy Living
• Stress Management
• Pain Management
• Financial Wellness

Self Defense Workshops

When you think of Corporate Wellness, very few imagine self defense as being part of this category. However, when you stop to think about it, its one of the most important aspects of wellness. Giving someone the knowledge and confidence to defend themselves is mentally and physically rewarding for them.

Self Defense training is shown to help reduce stress and anxiety, build self esteem, and is a great fitness activity.
LivingFit Nation offers Self Defense workshops onsite. We bring a certified self defense trainer to your office and conduct hands-on workshops that will give your employees the knowledge and confidence to protect themselves when needed.